This IS the type of discipleship that utilizes your every-day life’s situations, circumstances and events showing each man, single or married, specifically what God, through the Bible, wants him to learn. The goal is that each student literally illustrate the Christ. Based on personal experiences (used as learning opportunities) there will be opportunities to actually measure your spiritual growth during our counseling sessions.

The purpose of Christ Quest Ministries does not include counselling on marriages; it offers discipleship towards building a man’s understanding of what an on-going commitment to Christ-likeness is. Marriages are God’s perfect “vehicle” for fulfilling a man’s quest to exemplify the Christ. Especially regarding his wife, since she knows him better than anyone else in the world. If she says, “An encounter with my husband is to me, as though it is an encounter with the Christ,” he has passed the most demanding test.

He is supposed to be the spiritual leader for all of his children and future generations. We are training men, husbands, how to be a walking-talking, moment-by-moment, situation-by-situation, living illustration of Jesus, the Christ.  When that is true, that Christ-like testimony, with his wife will carry into future generations.

Nontraditional women’s counseling is available. It provides a place for women to recognize who God has designed them to be, often contrary to who men have decided they should be. Those biblical principles will offer a unique form of understanding which also provides support during difficult times.

This counsel helps a wife recognize their God given purpose, according to Scripture so they can compare their situation with what God wants their situation to be.

I look forward to getting the chance to help you on your journey towards Christ-likeness.