We Need Your Help

*Christ Quest Ministries a registered 508 (c) 1 (a) Ministry.

Join Christ Quest Ministries in our mission to promote the health of families in a culture where divorce, and thus single-parenting, is destroying families and the foundation of our nation’s future. With your help we can continue teaching God’s ways for resolving relationship problems, therefore eliminating the need for divorce. Our main goal is to teach God’s principles to men and as they incorporate them into their lives they too will become living examples, bringing hope through their testimonies, to other married couples.

Help us to reach our financial needs:

  • $100,000 – annual operating budget
  • $50,000 – Ken Nair’s book project
  • $20,000 – marketing budget
  • $10,000 for the Ken Nair Scholarship fund to help those in financial need receive discipleship

Please choose between a Recurring Monthly Donation that will help sustain the work of Christ or a One-Time Donation.