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  • Christ Quest Institute Online School: Monthly

    $49.99 / month

    We are told regularly by students and graduates that they know of no other colleges, universities or seminaries that even come close to the depths of discipleship available at Christ Quest Ministries. Our 3-year program, the Christ Quest Institute, is designed to challenge your Christian testimony as it has never been, nor is likely to be, anywhere else.
    At the Christ Quest Institute, we provide practical, step-by- step instructions on how to become a living illustration of Jesus, the Christ.

    You are given specific directions (from real-life situations) that enable you to understand both the mind and spirit of a woman.

    Each student receives personal guidance toward developing the ability to care for their wife and family just as the Christ would. And it is these critical relationships that will attest to this fact, saying that you represent Him so well, that an encounter with you is, to them, an encounter with Jesus. We emphasize the importance of each student learning about their own human spirit—that same spirit that God’s Spirit is supposed to bear witness with; and the Holy Spirit enters when we accept the Christ as our Savior. You also receive clear and decisive methods for translating all of life’s events into specific lessons from God— thus revealing to the student how to master life and relationships.

    At the Christ Quest Institute, we help you to understand Scripture as your personal road-map, and the Holy Spirit as your inward guide for discovering the answers needed for life’s journey.

    If you were to ask a man (Christian or otherwise) anywhere in the world. “Do you understand the mind of a woman?” The answer will always be some form of, “No!” “Are you kidding? That’s impossible!” And that answer will remain the same even though it is asked right after a man has read the Bible verse found in I Peter 3:7 (ASV) , “Ye husbands, in like manner, dwell with your wives according to knowledge, giving honor unto the woman, as unto the weaker vessel, as being also joint-heirs of the grace of life; to the end that your prayers be not hindered.” And sadly, most men (Christian or otherwise) do not experience even the slightest conviction about their confusion and disobedience.

    God also commands each Christian husband to be to his wife what the Christ is to His Bride (the church). See Ephesians 5:25-27. It stands to reason then, that the man who understands and exemplifies these and all other Scriptures—as the Christ did—becomes a living illustration of Him that is overwhelmingly appealing to those around them. Those who complete the Christ Quest institute through the Christ Quest Ministries not only gain the spiritual maturity to understand and effectively care for others through life’s everyday situations, but also gain the credibility and capacity to disciple others toward these same goals. Graduate students are thus equipped to offer the world and any church, a revolutionary approach to discipleship; because they have mastered the brand of Christianity the Apostles were willing to die for. I refer to that as a serious call to genuine Christianity.

    If you are serious about the testimony and impact of your Christianity… we’d like to share the journey with you!