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  • Discovery Seminar DVD – Couple’s Kit


    Includes: Two copies of the Seminar Workbook

    Discover the mind of a woman and the heart of a man so you can achieve true Christ-likeness in your home and experience the marriage God intends.

    Husbands and wives who have a relatively good marriage and want to strengthen it, and it is for those whose marriages are hanging by a thread. In addition, couples planning on getting married will gain incredible insights for having a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship.

    Men, learn how to walk the path God intended as the spiritual leader of your household. Women, learn how to be the helpmeet your men need to be successful leaders. And for the first time ever, do it all in a setting that feels like a true couples retreat.

    Whether you wish to strengthen a good marriage or repair a damaged one, the Christ Quest Ministries Discovery Seminar is for you. Not married yet? Engaged couples will receive incredible insights for building a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship.

    In this 11-hour, live, multi-media and interactive presentation you will be challenged to…
    – Discover many misconceptions about communication and how to use more than words to communicate with one another
    – Discover how lasting change can happen
    – Discover what true spiritual leadership looks like
    – Discover the real and honored role of a wife as a helpmeet means
    – Discover the new hope that thousands of others have experienced
    – Discover practical tools for building a healthy marriage and family

  • Discovery Seminar DVD – Group Kit

    Included in kit:
    The Discovery Seminar DVDs
    40 x Discovery Seminar Notebooks
    1 x Discovering the Mind of a Woman Study Guide
    1 x Measuring Personal Spiritual Maturity DVD
    1 x Have You Discovered the Benefits of Anger DVD
    *These extra materials will help you have the opportunity to start a small or large study group.

  • Emotional Divorce DVD


    The primary purpose of this learning course is to shine a light on an obscure subject that involves far too many unsuspecting marriage relationships.  I am calling this subject, “EMOTIONAL DIVORCE.”

  • Have you Discovered the Benefits of Anger? (DVD)


    God is the only Creator. He has purpose in everything. Shouldn’t you discover His purpose for anger? And what is the benefit of anger? It is the Holy Spirit directing me to discover something I don’t understand. It’s God’s way of prompting me to search for that understanding.

  • Measuring Spiritual Maturity (DVD)


    As a Christian, why should you wonder what your level of spiritual maturity is? Discover a new, clearly understandable means of knowing for sure, while also increasing your potential growth.

    Watch an excerpt from this video here