Spiritual Seeds That Reap Christ-Likeness (Volume 1)


Finally! Manuals For Mastering the Righteous Christian Life; With Specific Directions to Literally Become a Living Example of the Christ! This is the first of the six-part series titled, Spiritual Seeds that Reap Christ-likeness.

Each man, upon reading this has realized that it contains previously unheard-of biblical principles and presents answers for whereby a man will literally become a moment-by-moment examples of Jesus, the Christ. That then, allows a man to master life in the area of relationships. Those answers have proven absolutely successful for all who have applied them. Why? Because they’re God’s ways.

Some of the topics are:
– Five concepts that avoid conflicts.
– How to develop a spiritual mind-set.
– Discover your God-given spiritual gift and how it predicts who you are and how you will respond or react to life.
– What is involved in honoring your spirit (your inner person) and care for it as God requires.
– Evaluate the degree that you are exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.
– Learn of the value God places on every one of the emotions He created.
– How to solve every marital problem with God’s ways found in this six-series.

All those topics and many more are clearly, biblically defined. With multiple, glowing testimonies from those whom God is still blessing since they have applied each of the biblical subjects presented herein, and many more contained in this volume.

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