Spiritual Seeds that Reap Christ-likeness (Volume 6)


In 1959 God started me on a journey, I got married. Since I was raised in orphanages I didn’t know what a husband or a wife were, what a father or mother were, nor what a family was. I wanted a successful marriage and thought the only requirement for that was to get a wife. Thirteen years later my wife Nancy was done with me.
God’s journey included me learning how to repair and build the marriage that He wants for me and every Christian. Sixty-three years later, this book is Volume VI of the six-part series that is the last of a ten books that’s taken twenty-one years to write.

It starts off with the question, Am I Loving? Then proceeds with a three-part series addressing, Three Vital Aspects of Spiritual Communication. Who would have thought that God would use a man learning how to communicate with his wife spirit-to-spirit as practice for communicating with God (Who is Spirit) Spirit-to-spirit? Followed by a two-part series that teaches a husband how to be a living illustration of Jesus, the Christ to his wife as he exercises God’s Authority so that his wife and children feel like they are having an encounter with Jesus. Concluding with a three-part series on how to accomplish Genuine Oneness in every aspect of a marriage.
Although the book writing is completed, I’m still committed to every encounter that Nancy has with me, is to her, as though it were an encounter with Jesus, the Son of God, the Christ.

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