I’m Finally Free To Be Me


Two young kids, in love, head over heels, spending every moment together till they weren’t…

Nancy came from a healthy home with siblings and parents who were together for life while Ken came from an unhealthy broken home and grew up in orphanages. Ken’s lack of family, lonely upbringing and total ignorance of how to understand a woman led to countless struggles for him and Nancy to deal with. It wasn’t until they began their own family where Nancy decided no more.

Upon this decision, coupled with God convicting Ken and his failures, their journey turned a corner… slowly but surely, God was guiding them towards understanding their marital roles. As they both worked hard at becoming who God wanted them to be, their lives and the lives of those around them began to benefit from the renewing of their minds and hearts.

This is a true story that begins in sorrow but has a happy ending that you won’t want to miss hearing. With God, nothing’s impossible!

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    This book is about defeating the power of Satan and his influence in the lives of unsuspecting Christian men; helping them surrender to God; illustrating Christ in their daily lives for their families and others to see. Most men have reported that this book was as helpful to them as was Discovering the Mind of a Woman.

    This book should serve two purposes:

    1. To reveal for a wife the true nature of a man’s heart, and

    2. To give wives a format wherein they can start fulfilling their role as a helpmeet, through honest evaluation of their own hearts, as well as their husband’s hearts.

    Please know, the purpose of this book is not to try to draw attention to the nature of a man’s physical conduct, but rather, to the nature of his spiritual conduct. This is the area where men are found to be most wanting!



    Before a man can become Christ-like he must discover every facet of his flesh (un-Christ-likeness) in order to put his flesh to death. He can use his marriage as a major resource to uncover problem areas; making it a positive to discover the negatives; finding answers to the problems that hinder a quest to illustrate the Christ.




    The key to becoming a strong and irresistible husband is… about husbands learning to understand their wives as the Christ would, then responding to their wives in a consistently Christ-like manner. The result? Radically transformed and renewed marriage relationships.