Discovering the Narrow Gate


Ken Nair decided that putting the Discovery Seminar into book form, he could expound on areas that he didn’t have time to share. Ken has set it up as a workbook that can be studied with the option to write notes into. The book is full of information to help understand the message of the concepts designed by Ken Nair, challenging men to become Christ-like spiritual leaders in their home. As well as requiring an intense commitment to God, wherein a man must determine that he will acquire the understanding necessary to become more and more Christ-like!

This book will serve as a substitute to the Discovery Seminar to meet the pre-requisite class for the Christ Quest Institute. Ken prays that this book will help others see the value of learning what a Spiritual leader is and why it is so important to know God plan for a man. It also can be used as a home-school curriculum to help your children to learn God’s plan for their lives.

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