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Daily Devotional | Analyze Your Quest

fdI recently went to a convention where I heard something that I find applies to the pursuit of Christ-likeness. They taught us that there are 3 types of people: Posers, Amateurs, and Professionals.
Poser: a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not; a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others
Amateur: a person who does something without professional skill; a person who is somewhat unskillful
Professional: a person engaged or qualified in a profession

If you were to do a self-examination, or have your family express to you how they view your success at portraying Christ in your quest, where would you be placed? Here are some questions I would like to pose in order to encourage you to see where you are.

Do you show up just to go through the motions? Are you a “poser”? Sadly, we see many men just “show up” for the online or live classes. They do not come with questions to discover contrasts between their current ways and God’s ways, their Event Cards are not done, and there is no evidence of them earnestly seeking how they can be more like Christ. They are pretending. This causes such frustration in both their wives, family, and even within themselves. It is easy to just show up. But if you want to see growth, you must show up with a determination that shows in your actions. An athlete cannot just show up to practice and not participate. They will never reach their goals if they do not engage. We desperately want you to be greatly blessed by God in your efforts to know Him. It takes practice and effort; engaging deeply to identify and understand your spirit so that you can know His Spirit.

Once a man decides to “go for it”, he has to leave the poser status and become engaged. Understanding one’s spirit is something that needs to be learned. Oh what joy to watch a man as he begins to exercise himself in his journey to Christ-likeness. However, we do not want them to stay in this state. The actions of engaging by allowing himself to be disciple by following the skills he’s being taught, he will grow you from being an amateur at first to becoming a professional. Most athletes begin as an amateur but those that want to be successful will work extra hard. What a feeling to see and hear the success stories of growing relationships. These relationships begin to grow because of an understanding of their human spirit and it is developed by the hard training as they practice applying the skills. During what athletes call “hell week”, the athlete is put through a rigorous week of hard practice. At first, it will seem like nothing more than “hell week” but those who persevere will enter into the professional status.

Finding the blessings of understanding your spirit, developing an understanding of God’s Spirit and your wife’s spirit is indescribable. Even the Bible will come alive like never before. I want to encourage all men to hang in there as he experiences what to him seem like “hell week” so they can enter into the professional rank of Christ-likeness. This does not mean that perfection has been accomplished. It does mean that these men are ready to do whatever it takes to be the leader in their homes. They are engaged and qualified. In their homes, they make sure they spend time with their wife every day; they listen to her heart and watch her face. When their flesh is exposed, which it will be for all of us as long as they are alive, they will be enhancing their ability to die to themselves. Professionals get paid more than the amateur. Men that work at being in the professional status get “paid” with relationship blessings that come from doing things God’s way.