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Unfamiliar, Yet Unquestionable Spiritual Truth

Over the past fifty years I’ve asked thousands of Christian men, “Do you understand the mind of a woman?” Their answers have always been, casually, or emphatically, “No.” So, I’ve explained to them that they could go anywhere in the world and get that same answer. Some of those men have decided that they would validate whether or not that was true; reporting back to me that they too received those same responses. Of course the “No” answers of all those who were Christian men revealed that they were in direct violation of Scripture: (I Peter 3:7), which clearly, and specifically COMMANDS all husbands, to live with their wife in an understanding way.

I’ve also asked thousands of Christian men, “On who, has God placed the responsibility for being your wife’s spiritual leader; to care for your wife human spirit?” All of them have answered hesitatingly, questionably, or even emphatically, “That would be me.” Then I say, “Because you are to care for her spirit as the Christ would (See Ephesians 5:25-27), do you understand what her human spirit is?” Most have either, not answered, or have expressed some kind of bewilderment about, exactly what caring for her spirit meant.

I’ve asked those same men, “Can you specifically describe your own human spirit to me?” They in turn have asked me, “Could you reword that so I can get a better understanding of your question so I can answer it?” I answer with another question, “Is it possible, that you need me to reword it because you really don’t understand my question?” They have all responded, “Yes.”

I want all my questions to lead a man to gain an understanding, so I ask, “Can you show me your right thumb?” He holds it up. I ask him, “When was the last time someone asked you to show them your right thumb?” Typically, their answer is, “Never.” I add, “And yet you knew exactly what it was! I want every Christian man to know his own human spirit as well as he knows his right thumb; since your physical thumb will not accompany you into Heaven but your human spirit will!”

Here’s my point: How can a man have a genuine, mature, personal, Spirit-to-spirit relationship, and the ability to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, or be his wife’s spirit’s caretaker and leader, leading her human spirit as the Christ’s representative (as validated by her) if he doesn’t even know specifically what his own human spirit or hers is?