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Daily Devotional | Learn the Meaning Behind the Names of the Lord

Do you know that there are many different names for the Lord? I thought it would be meaningful to list some, so we all could enjoy reviewing some of them.

1. Elohim: I KNOW You have created everything out of nothing.

Could I ask you to please create something beautiful out of all the impossible situations in my life that seems like nothingness to me?

2. Jehovah: I KNOW You are the one and only, self-existent, eternal, covenant-keeping God.

That assures me that You will always love me.

3. El Shaddai: I KNOW You are God Almighty.

Therefore, I can trust that You are sufficient for my deepest needs every day.

4. El Elyon: I KNOW You are the Most High God. You are supreme, above all.

You are worthy of my sincerest worship.

5. Messiah, Christ: I KNOW You are the Lord’s anointed servant, sent to accomplish the Father’s purpose.

I confess that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God and I need to accomplish God’s purpose for my life also.

6. El Olam: I KNOW You are the everlasting God, without beginning and without end.

I can depend on Your timelessness to help me through each moment.

7. Abba Father: I KNOW You are my Father, Abba, Daddy.

That is why I know that I can run to You and rest in the security of Your everlasting arms.

8. El Roi: I KNOW You are the God who sees, and that I am never alone.
Nothing in my life goes unnoticed; for You know it all and see it all… it gives me confidence to know you are always there for me.

9. Jehovah Shalom: I KNOW You are my peace.

You can bring calm in every storm I face in life.

10. Jehovah Nissi: I KNOW You are my provider.

You know what my needs are better than I do, and will supply everything you know I need today.

11. Jehovah Sabaoth: I KNOW You are the Lord of hosts. You bring deliverance.

You go before me and as necessary, You defeat my enemies.

12. Jehovah Raah: I KNOW You are my shepherd.

You intimately care for me even if no one else does.

13. Adonai: I KNOW You are my Lord and Master.

I choose to follow You instead of the ways of the world.

14. Jehovah Rophe: I KNOW You are my healer.

And I come to You now with every part of me that needs healing.

15. Jehovah Or: I KNOW You are light.

You guide me in Your path and help me walk in the light.

16. El Kanna: I KNOW You are a jealous God, that there is none like You.
You are higher than any other and I give my full devotion to You and You alone.