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Daily Devotional | Losing Your Identity and Living in Grief Devotion

Do Not Hide From The Truth by Nancy Nair

I see so many women who are hurting deeply but they never share it.  When you are first married, you may realize that your new husband is totally different than what you thought he was and for some reason you hide the things he does to you from him.  Maybe just a little push…or a very stern look that says don’t you say a word…or he may say something that threatens you…or he may totally control your every move.  This happens more than you will ever know. 

The trouble with hiding these things is that they start out small, but always get bigger once he finds out that you will not tell on him.  If you wait too long to share these hurts, you may have children that he will start doing the same things to.  Then by this time, it is really hard to expose him because he may hurt the children. 

If you wait, you will lose your identity and you will live a life of grief for years to come.  It is better to expose any form of hurt no matter what that hurt is.  That hurt could simply be in your spirit (no one can see that so you will be all alone) or it could be a physical hurt. A lot of women will wait until the parents have passed away or family has moved so far away. This will leave you with no one to help you.

More times than none, he doesn’t know how to react to things and the first thing on his mind is control. So please do not hide his sins, they will only hurt him and you. If you are newly married, now is the time to get help and you may find that he might really want help also. We will help him at Life Partners Christian Ministries to understand all those feelings that are bottled up inside of him that he doesn’t know how to control.