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Family Time and Thanksgiving

Thinking about all the fun times we had as children meeting wit our Grandparents and our Uncles and Aunts and their children during Thanksgiving. My Aunt would play the piano and all of u kids would stand around and sing while she played. Such wonderful times!

All over the United States families are getting ready to be wit each other. They will be traveling many miles to be there for Thanksgiving dinner. Mothers are very busy setting the table and making sure everything look just right. Maybe some of them haven’t seen each other for years and can’t wait to just sit and talk so they can catch up with all the news during this wonderful Thanksgiving time.

Then there are some families that are not in harmony with each other so they haven’t gotten together and won’t be experiencing a great Thanksgiving together. It’s so sad to me, when something that happened maybe years ago is still causing them not to want to be with each other.

I remember a time when something happened in our family that caused hurt feeling and we were not able to be with that family during these special times. And, we children were not able to get to know our cousins or aunts and uncles. I still wish there would have been someone there to help them understand how to fix it. But in those days we didn’t have any counselors in our small town to help them through those hurting times.

I am so happy that today that help is available to us. No matter what happens healing is available. Allowing us to come to a place where we can turn to God as the early pilgrims did and commit ourselves to Him and do whatever we can to help each person feel very loved and cared for so we could enjoy Thanksgiving with families.

We at Christ Quest Ministries would love to help families meet and talk about what is causing them to be so hurt that they can’t work things out. It is our joy to help them through these times.