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Marriage | Results of a Christ-like Spiritual Leader in a Marriage

The Effect of a Christ-Like Husband by Ken Nair and S.M.

Often, as I am working with a husband whose wife has left him, maybe even involved with another man, he challenges his wife’s relationship with God. When he asks me, What about her? What is her relationship with God? Doesn’t she have to be Christ-like, too? I respond, Don’t worry about her. You just focus on your relationship with God. You determine you will become more and more Christ-like. You work on you exclusively and first. Let’s see if God can use that to influence her or not.

The following is testimony illustrating the influence a husband has upon his wife.

“Dear Life Partners Christian Ministries,

“I just now got around to reading the last newsletter. You wrote about I & II Peter.  II Peter 2:1-9 is very special to me. Seven years ago I began to ponder over those verses and the promise that is given. I couldn’t figure out why, in all of my 40 years as a Christian, I hadn’t heard more about it in church. I emailed my pastor about the verses. I can’t remember his response, other than it didn’t really satisfy my yearning. My husband didn’t seem too excited about them, either, at the time. I knew one thing for sure, though: I wasn’t escaping the corruption in this world at that time.

“So, I prayed that God would make my sins as filthy rags to me. I wanted those promises. In July 2001, I gave up and packed my bags. I left my husband, filed for divorce and tried to forget about God and the holy life. I did ask one of my brothers about that passage of scripture. He was kind enough to share my interest, and we studied them for a few weeks. By then I had given up and I put my Bible on a shelf, and I rarely looked at it for the next couple of years.

“I poured myself into my work and a new relationship. My ex-husband, in the meantime, was introduced to your husband, Ken. When my husband started changing, I had a renewed interest in that passage of scripture. I began to see my sin as filthy rags.

“I was so amazed and ashamed. Praise God, for he answered my prayer. In August 2005, my husband and I remarried.

“I will be eternally grateful to you for helping Ken. I have read both of his books. I wasn’t as strong as you were. I have memorized those verses, and I say them to myself a couple of times a day. They are such a comfort to me. We can partake in the divine nature here on this earth. It is such a joy. 

“Through scripture and your ministry, my marriage and spiritual life were renewed. It has been a journey and I know I’m not there, yet. Thank God I’m not where I used to be.

“With love in Christ, S.M.”