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Relationship Help | Learn How to Stop Being Critical

It took me a long time to understand that I must ask God to lead my life by accepting Him as my savior, that then helps me not be critical of someone I know is not a Christian. Because it took so much time for me to see that I needed a savior, it may also take someone else time to see that need. It is important for me to love a person from where they are, so that they can feel like they can open up their heart to me. If they feel judged how can they let us know where they are hurting? How can we help them know there is a better way if we don’t take time to understand where they are coming from? They may have had something really bad happen to them and feel they are unacceptable to the Lord. Or they may be like I was as a child who live such a sheltered life. Our families were so close and we all grew up in church. Each Sunday we heard God’s word and so we felt we were Christians just because we were in church every Sunday.