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Verses God Used to Encouraged his Wife

This is the testimony of a husband who received some devastating news about his wife that took place years ago. This is the correspondence that took place between him, his wife, and myself. These two are also students of the Christ Quest Ministries.

Let’s begin with the husband speaking: “Ken, the emotions and pain are almost unbearable. I am asking the Lord to take this cup from me! I am in deep anguish in my soul and my spirit. It feels as though I have been crushed beyond repair. I feel so betrayed, hopeless, foolish, hurt, crushed, violated, tortured, insecure, inadequate, grief, sadness, disbelief, manipulated, lied to, distraught, and tons and tons of DEEP, DEEP ANGUISH!! Oh my God, why hast thou forsaken me?  Why? (Paul has been taught how to express the emotions that his spirit is experiencing as a step in conquering his circumstances.)

He continues: “Today I have determined that I will win. I will succeed. I will overcome. I will learn to love deeper, trust implicitly, heal completely and redeem this time. I will not allow it to crush me completely.  I will be the light and hope this world needs to see.

Thanks for listening to my heart Ken.”

I answered him, “You are already winning! Your old man would have become so angry, withdrawn and vengeful and you would have to wrestle with strong reflexes of walking out. And instead you have decided to win! I am so proud of you. You have named your enemies: each one, and your spirit has already established your victory camp—by naming them. I am in this with you. Let me walk with you as often as necessary.”

Monday 8:18am

In an effort to encourage this husband I texted him, I just got this note from your wife and thought it would encourage you. “My husband is an amazing man. He is as Immanuel to me—God with me. I have no idea what I was thinking those years ago, but I see things very clearly today. Love is absolutely the most powerful force on this planet. I see it through you—my husband.” (This was shared with his wife’s permission.)

Her husband responded. “Thank you for sharing that with me Ken. I am blown away by the power and depth of love. It is transformational indeed.

Thank you friend. Love you and your bride!! You commitment to us is awesome.”

Later that day he writes, “You know that my favorite verse of all time has been Ephesians 3:19, ‘To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.’  I can, and I am, living that scripture today!  I have discovered that the love of Christ does indeed fill us full of God.  We must choose Christlikeness!  I am amazed at how God’s love is flowing through me today like I have never felt it.  I am literally shaking as a result of His love.  What is amazing is how love can defeat something as painful as these circumstances.  God’s love has protected my mind and heart from going places that are destructive.  I am sure there will be tough days, but I have hope that we will make it as a result of how I feel today, I am overwhelmed by His love.  God is full within my heart and mind today!  So very grateful for Christ and His example!!

Thanks again Ken and Nancy for leading the way!!”

Ken: “I am very happy that you hung in there for all these years. You are worth the time and effort. How can we get the rest of Christianity to have that experience and understanding? God wants all of Christianity to also have that same powerful joy.”

He said, “Thank you sir.”

Ken: “I still want Gods best for you both. Maybe this information might be helpful. It’s not unusual that weeks before I present our Discovery Seminar, Satan tries to drive a wedge between Nancy and I. When I finally figured that out we could see it coming and thwart him. That event makes me wonder if God is preparing you through these events for some kind of ministry and Satan is trying to destroy your testimony so you will end up disqualifying yourself. Just in case, check your standards. Do they match Gods standards. If not, can you can put to death any standards that are your flesh’s standards?  I hope that helps.”

His wife: “I feel like God has been with us all weekend. He forgave me. My mind is racing with all the ways I can show him how much he mean to me. I cannot wait for him to really recognize that our life is going to be different. I am different.  I have been washed in the water of God’s Word. I pray he will enjoy his day. I love him and am so glad he is mine.”

Ken, to her husband, “I just received an email from your wife. It looks like your Christ-likeness has led her to a place where she has had an encounter with the Christ. He was represented to her in the form of a man named _________ (you). Nancy and I are brought to tears of joy as we follow your commitment to God and apply godliness.”

She has started a journal and wanted Nancy and I to know of its contents. Here is a copy of her email to us.

“I am going to begin writing a journal. Here is the first entry. I thought you’d want to see it.”

“Thank you for the investment you made into me and my husband. I shudder to think of where we would be today had you not poured yourselves out like a drink offering to bring the message of love and light to us. How thankful I am today to know that we have been so affected by the light you’ve brought to us. My life could look very different today. My world could be so dark and so hopeless. But today I am full of hope and light. I cannot stop the tears.”

“Thank you once again for being Christ to the world.”

“We love you so dearly.”


His letter expressing his heart: “Thank you. I have been in tears all morning. Things sure could have gone south and yet they did not. I am grateful to Christ for the example he left us. Love always wins!! Thank you for walking with me on this journey. I am determined to make this huge violation a bump in the road. I felt the Lord tell me that love will eliminate this mess quickly and that I will not fall apart or live in anger. That is happening as I speak. Love triumphs!!!!”

July 5, 2017

His wife wrote, “Today I sit in my beautiful home among my beautiful, loving children in awe and humbled to my core. Only five days ago I believed my life to be over. Five days ago my life was over as I knew it. Five days ago I was looking at a train wreck that I had caused. Five days ago I would never have believed for a second that I would feel as I do today. Clean. Healed. Whole. Content. Joyful. Humble. And so full of light and love that I cannot keep the tears from pouring down my face. The swell of emotions comes in waves. My heart feels full. My mind is quiet. My soul is finally at rest. And I cannot stop the tears.

“My life has been profoundly changed by his love for me. My heart has been healed and my mind is no longer troubled. I feel no need to run any longer. I feel no need to look for distractions. I am home. Wherever my husband is, my home is. Wherever he is, I will be safe. Wherever he is, I am accepted. Wherever he is, I am protected. Wherever he is, I am loved. Wherever he is, I will find peace. Wherever he is, I will find wholeness. Wherever he is, I will find joy.

“Forgiveness has been my cleaning agent. Forgiveness has been the water. Forgiveness has made me clean. I cannot help but weep tears. Tears of joy. Tears of regret. Tears of thankfulness. Tears of shame. Tears of hope. Tears of love.

“Love is my safe place. The safest I’ve known in my entire life. I am protected. I am valued. I am cherished. Love is my fortress. Love is my protection. Love is everything. Love is the most powerful force on the planet. How do I know this? I know this, as I have been transformed by it. I will never be the same. Love and Light are one and the same. And darkness has to flee when light enters the space. Light has flooded me. Light has taken me over. His Light has saved me from the darkness and has rescued me from the pit of despair. My husband’s Christ-like light has given me a hope and a future.”

Here’s my closing comments: They may be my closing comments but the growth and benefits of Christ-likeness will continue throughout their lives.

Without any mention from this husband, get a load of what verses God used to encouraged his wife. Here’s her words: “The two Scriptures that have come to life in my heart as a result of all this are, Romans 2:4, “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God (May I add, through her husband), leads you to repentance?” And (get ready) Ephesians 3:19, “To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

This man’s wife now has personally experienced the fulfillment that comes from the love of the Christ… through her husband!