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Concept Review | 1 Corinthians 15:33 Be Not Deceived

christBe not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners.  1 Corinthians 15:33 (KJV)

These are nine words that could be the motivation for a whole book if examples were provided with them. The verse reminds me of a dedicated parent who warns his or her children of the serious consequences awaiting them if they follow wrong paths.

Similarly, there is a program for youngsters (boys and girls)who are heading in a bad direction named, “Scared Straight.” This program takes these young people into prisons and lets them experience prison life, and talk with criminals about their lives in very graphic details; the inmates threateningly scream and intimidate them. This program has been very successful because it is so graphic in its warning.

I believe this verse has that same intent. Let’s do a word study to see so we can paraphrase it for personal application.

Be (Greek: eimi, i-mee) First person singular, present, indicative (exist) It is I, myself

Not (Greek: ouch, ookh) double negative: absolute negative, not at all, in no case, not ever

Deceived (Greek: planao, plan-ah-o) to cause to roam from safely, truth, virtue—go astray, be deceived, be seduced

Evil (Greek: kakos, kak-os) worthless, depraved, injurious, bad, evil, harm, wicked

Communications (Greek: homilia, hom-ill-ee-ah) companionship, communication

Corrupt (Greek: phtheiro, fthi-ro) to become wasted, to spoil, to ruin, by moral influences to deprave, corrupt, defile, destroy

Good (Greek: chrestus, khrase-tos) useful [in manner or morals], better, goodness, gracious, kind

Manners (Greek: ethos, ay-thos) morals, habits, manners

My paraphrase of this then is, “I must take it entirely upon myself to not at all, never, in no case allow myself to roam away from the safety of truth and virtue, and to be seduced by worthless, depraved, injurious-to-my-spirit evil companionships and the type of communications that are found in that circle. Otherwise any goodness, graciousness, kindness and moral habits or manners will be laid to waste and ruin. I will become destroyed, defiled, depraved and corrupted.”