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Daily Devotional | My God is an Awesome God

How Wonderful is the Lord our God by Nancy Nair

Today, I’m sitting outside on a porch in Munds Park.  The wind is moving the big pine trees around with a wonderful sound.  The birds are chirping, the chimes are each making different sounds and I am blessed by it.

As I am reading my Bible more and more, I find different ways to put it more into my heart.  My goal this weekend is to finish the Old Testament.  I’m not just reading it like I usually do, I am under-lining all of God’s words.  So many times, while I was underling, I found myself underlining what God had said to Moses as well as what Moses was telling the people; so it is making me read slower and only underling God’s Word to Moses or other prophets.

While reading, I get so excited and want to smile because He loves me so, but other times I find myself wanting to cry because He is saying things to me and I’m not making those things important in my life.  The awesomeness of God is that He still loves me and never leaves me! It is hard to imagine that it is I who leaves Him and not Him leaving me.  I never realize when I walk away from Him until it is exposed by my ways that may be hurting someone.   I find that if I will make His Words important and do what He says I feel closer to Him.   I need to be in His Word daily so that I can feel when He talks to me.

The section that made me the most excited was in Job 38.  He let Job, Eliphaz, Bildad  and Zaphan speak and after they were done He spoke. (I am reading this from the King James Version) it is way too  much to type out, but when He began talking, my heart was over whelmed.  He speaks from Chapter 38 to Chapter 42.  I can feel sadness in His voice and wish that I would not put Him through those times as well.  Until I started to underline his Words, I never took the time to really know His voice.  It makes me feel really close to God and I thank Him every day for giving His very own Son to die for me and you.  He is waiting with His arms wide open.  I want to go to Him every day and sit with Him and know that He is listening to my every need.  Oh isn’t He wonderful?

Let me encourage you to underline the words of God and see what He shows you!