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Find Freedom From Debt by Nancy Nair

Do you ever feel like that hamster on a wheel just running around in circles? Every day, wake up, have breakfast, read your Bible and spend some time with God, rush off to work or work around the house. Maybe have lunch with a friend, head back to do more work. Make dinner, head home, go to bed, only to start the next day all over again.

For those of us who have a job, some of us like their job and others don’t.  Some work so hard, only to watch the money disappear to pay for all of their bills. There are a few who have been blessed with money and their days are not necessarily spent worrying about paying the bills, but rather something such as a terminal disease or something that money can’t take care of.

There is not one person on this earth that doesn’t have troubles sometime or another. I think about the person who doesn’t know Christ Jesus and wonder how they go through those troubles so alone. It is hard enough with the Lord holding onto our hand; encouraging us to keep on going.

Well you say,”How is this giving us a Word of Encouragement? When I think in that light I see only bleakness and who wants that?” We need to reevaluate life. Material things have gotten to be so important to everyone, that it is hard to think about living within our means.

Here is where I would like to encourage you to see that life really should be all about family and how we interact with each other. I would like to encourage each of us to start getting ourselves bill free. When our priority is family and relationships, we don’t need the biggest house or the most beautiful car. All we need is a place that is clean and full of love and a car that is really in good shape, no matter how old it is, to drive around in. When we get to this point, spending time with the family, reading together, or playing games etc., will be the thing that will encourage us. We will also have the time to spend reading God’s Word together; loving and learning from every word that is in there.

Life does not have to be all about money and things; it can be all about enjoying each other. Only buy things that you can pay off that month. Only buy a house that you can afford if times get tough. Through working at Life Partners and talking to many people, financial issues are one of the biggest troubles that we deal with.