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Having A Spirit-to-Spirit Relationship With God and Your Spouse by Nancy Nair

I think that if we really knew how things hurt us, and what feeling it was that went on inside of us, we would be better prepared to help others when they are hurting. If we don’t get to know those feelings and what each of those feelings represent in each situation, how can we help each other?

God did not just make women emotional and men emotionless. That is not how God works. God wants each of us to be able to talk to Him from the bottom of our spirits, more commonly known as the bottom of our hearts.

What does that mean? It means in order to have a wonderful relationship with God, I must talk with Him, Spirit-to-Spirit. This will require that I understand why I feel a certain way. That will prevent any unknown emotions from coming between God and me.

If I try to hide my feelings from God, there will be an emptiness that will keep me from talking to Him as Adam did when he was in the garden with God. Remember when God was walking with Adam in the garden? I am sure that they were really enjoying one another. Sometimes, when I am really in a very thoughtful time, I can have a wonderful time just letting God know what is in my heart. It makes me feel very satisfied within my spirit. I feel that God and I are walking along together, maybe not in the garden, but in my home. I can even imagine when God and Adam would be talking, and Adam would say something that made God smile, and that each of them must have felt happy. (Happy is a feeling.) That’s how I feel when I have meaningful time with Him. I get to practice this kind of spirit-to-spirit conversation with my husband, Ken, also.

God wants that from each of us today. So, as I go through my day and all the things that happen in that day, I want to look at each feeling that I experienced so that I can grow closer and closer to God.

To be able to be the best helpmeet, I must also learn why I have different feelings and put a purpose to them, so that when Ken asks me what is wrong, I can say what I am feeling. Everyone in the whole world, each day, experiences different feelings, and we want to be able to express them so that when our husbands, or our children, say that they are going through something we can say, “I know, I have felt like that, also” and be able to really communicate to make that person feel understood. That is what being a helpmeet is to our husbands: trying to help them get their feelings back so they can walk with and talk to God again, because until they are communicating with God they are walking and talking with God on a mental level, not a spiritual level.

We have a dictionary that has every feeling word in it. I think that as a project each of us could go to the dictionary and see if we can add “I feel” in front of a word. If it is a feeling word it will explain what that feeling means. Once we see that, we can ask ourselves a question: Have I ever felt like that, or have I ever made someone else feel that way? When we start understanding our feelings, we begin enjoying life. Ken says, “Emotions are to life what seasonings are to food.” I agree.