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Emotion starter kitThe Truth About Emotions by Ken Nair

As you read your Bible, take note of all the emotions God and Jesus experience.

Still, for the last 40 years it has been my experience that men (even Christian men) are emotionally dysfunctional. I don’t mean they cannot experience emotions, nor do I mean they are not affected by emotions. I mean they have not become so familiar with emotions that they can name every emotion they are experiencing or are capable of experiencing.

This reveals two problem areas in which Christian men cannot illustrate Christ: If Christ can fully relate to every emotion and I cannot…I’m not like Christ. Second, if Christ can relate with all of my wife’s emotions and I cannot, not only am I not like Christ, I cannot live with her in an understanding way.

But there is another problem. Certainly men will be reluctant if not adverse to becoming emotionally functional and competent when experiencing emotions are labeled as; experiencing your “feminine side!”

Emotions are no more feminine or masculine than getting hungry is feminine or masculine. They are a part of being human. Since emotions originate within the spirit of a person, emotions are an expression of what is happening within that person’s spirit.

Sadly within the Christian community emotions are identified by a wide range of labels. Expressions such as: unreliable, untrustworthy, emotional instability, wrong or evil and even satanic. However, referring back to the first sentence, none of the previous labels could be attributed to God or Jesus.

In conclusion would emotions even exist if not created by God? And if women are defined as having too many emotions… did God make a mistake in creating women with a large emotion capacity?