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Words of Encouragement | God Works All Things Together For Good

il_fullxfull.313276291What if one day, you were driving along on your family vacation and as you approached this little town called Promontory, Utah, you noticed a sign next to a set of railroad tracks. The sign said, ” Historic Site: On May 10, 1869, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railroads finally met. To commemorate the occasion, a ‘Golden Railroad Spike’ was driven as the last spike to join the two railroads.” Amazed at this new historical site, you get back into your car, cross over the tracks and then you feel something funny about your car and notice that you have a flat. As your tire flattens you become progressively angry, frustrated and confused as to why God would have let this terrible thing happen to you in the middle of your vacation. When you get out to see the damage, you notice something funny…there is something gold sticking out of your tire. You realize that you have just run over the “Golden Railroad Spike” and you can’t believe your eyes. All of a sudden, your perspective changes and the anger, frustration, and confusion change to eleation, incredible joy and happiness. What was thought to be a curse, turned out to be an incredible blessing from God. You think, “Wow, why did God decide to make me the one so blessed?”

The same thing happens in life. One day, you find yourself cursing God and regretting the day you were born and the next thing you know, you realize that God is using the tough times in your life to bless you, to change your perspective from the fleshy and temporal to the spiritual and eternal. God is doing whatever it takes to get the attention of Hid children to develop them into the likeness of His Son for His purposes.