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hfToday, I received a prayer card from the Christian Health Care that we have our insurance through. I like it because every month I get to see who we are sending help to. I opened up the envelope today and my prayer card made me cry. Her name is Teresa and her husband passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.

I think the reason it struck me so hard was because Ken has been having some small strokes which caused him to lose his memory for around 2 to 5 hours. The first one was last month while we were in Colorado. We had to take him to the hospital to have some tests done. It only lasted for such a short time and by the time the doctor began checking him he had his memory back. So, they sent him home and he was just fine the rest of the trip.

We went to California this last weekend. While sitting in his brother’s living room talking to our niece (who started her own charter school) about how he would love to start a school for CQM.   While she was talking with him about it, all of a sudden he said, “Who wrote these notes on this paper?” Our niece said to him, “Uncle Kenny you wrote those notes on that paper”. From that point he couldn’t remember anything. He wondered how we got there, where we were at, and forgot that we went to see a friend before coming down to visit his brother. Well guess what? We went back to the hospital and again he had all kinds of test done but could find nothing wrong; except that his triglycerides were really high and he needed to bring them down. They kept him for two days and did more checking, but because he got his memory back before they did all these tests they didn’t see anything wrong. In fact, he is really healthy except for this memory loss which they call a TIA (which is a mini stroke). They told me that if it happened again I had to call 911 and get him right to the hospital.

So, when I got that prayer card I thought about all of the husbands and wives that are going through things like this. Sometimes it is almost too much to bear. I know because I am so worried now about if he could have a stroke that may take him home with God and I wouldn’t have him anymore. Because we don’t know if it will happen again, it keeps Ken and me very close as we pray for our health and for our children.

Time is so short and nothing is as important as being there for each other. Hugs are so important; it is like medicine and we do a lot of that just because we never know when the last hug could be. Ken, my best friend in the entire world, sat across from me in that living room not remembering anything. Trying to stay calm, with my heart about to break, watching him was really hard; but I didn’t want to scare him. I just wanted him to know we were all there for him. Not only that, but you also have your children who are not there to see what is happening to their dad. So much sadness!

For all of you that are going through some really sad times, my heart goes out to you. What in the world would we do without God being there for us each and every day? I thank God’s Son for dying for all my sins. This helps me to be able to know that God sees me through His Son who took all those sins and took them to the cross. I have to thank God for sending His Son and I thank Jesus for being willing every day to have an intimate relationship with me.