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To Be Near Unto God by Nancy Nair

God is only known when love for Him takes on a personal character; when we meet Him in the pathway of life; when He becomes a person in contrast with our own; when we enter into conscious, vital and personal relation with Him, so that He is our Father and we are His children; not merely one of his children, but His child in a special way. — Abraham Kuyper, To Be Near Unto God

How can we get to know Him as our Father if we go through each day without thinking about all the things that come our way?

Think about your day when you crawl into bed at night, and as God brings things into your mind, write them down. He is talking with you. For understanding, take the time to listen to Him daily.

Psychoanalyst and atheist Dr. Sigmund Freud said that despite his serious research for more than 30 years into the mysterious workings of the human personality (a word he invented to circumvent the human spirit), there was one question he could not answer and never would be able to answer: “What does a woman want?”

Freud never found the answer to that question because he denied the reality of the human spirit, refusing to accept what a woman’s spirit longed for: being acceptable according to God’s scheme for her… helping a man see life from the perspective of her spirit/heart.